At PUROBERG, we specialize in crafting stunning wooden products such as the LIGHTNING 10000 that make unique personal items that match convenience with elegance and originality.

We believe that the elegance of wood needs to beyond furniture and that everyday items become so much more special if they are built with fine wood and superb craftsmanship.

We create unique designs and we strive to give our customers the opportunity of personalizing their PUROBERG items to make them even more unique.


That's how we help you to make lasting memories and impressions with the striking touch of handcrafted wooden items!


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World's First Quick Charge Powerbank Crafted From Single Slab Of Pure Walnut Wood!

Cutting-edge 3.0 quick charging technology combined with superb craftsmanship.


A natural touch of walnut wood artistically shaped to offer you a stunning and unique high-performing quick charger.


Make it even more special by having your name engraved on it!

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Quick Charge 3.0 Efficiency

LIGHTNING 10000 Quick Charge 3.0 Intelligent Negotiation System makes it possible for your phone and the charger to communicate and balance the volts and amps your gadget’s batteries require for each count stage in its charging cycle.  

The Type C and USB ports that support electronic gadgets with Quick Charge 3.0 technology enhances charging speed and efficiency from 30-40% over conventional chargers.

Jaw-dropping Design

Nine Layers of Gold Class Circuit Chip Protection

LIGHTNING 10000 is a United States FCC and European CE certified export-quality charger that offers high-speed charging and enhances charging efficiency. It also provides the nine layers of circuit chip protection.

Temperature Resistance

LIGHTNING 10000 has a heat-sensitive and temperature control mechanism that ensures it always operates safely and without over-heating.

Short-Circuit Protection

The battery and motherboard are automatically protected in case a short circuit occurs.

Input Over-Voltage Protection

Voltage surges are prevented through an OVP that keeps damages from taking place.

Automatic Charger Protection

Detects and automatically stops charging when the charger is inserted incorrectly.

PTC Protective Circuits

LIGHTNING 10000 batteries are equipped with PTC to effectively control and protect the battery when temperature and current exceed the maximum limit.

Protection from Output Overvoltage

Steadily monitors output voltage and goes off when Voltage exceeds maximum limit to keep the device safe.

Overcharge and Over-discharge protection

Quick Charge 3.0 technology is used to prevent overcharging and over-discharging from damaging the LIGHTNING 10000 batteries.

Reset Mechanism

Simply press the power button to reset LIGHTNING 10000 in unstable environments.

The Accessories

Personalize It

You can personalize your PuroBerg LIGHTNING 10000 and make it even more special and truly unique by having your name beautifully engraved on it.

This is also a great way to offer it as a gift with a special person's name engraved on LIGHTNING 10000 or as a celebration of a marriage, a birth, or even as a way to promote your brand by gifting customers with your logo engraved on it.

PuroBerg LIGHTNING 10000 Walnut Wooden 3.0 Quick Charger comes with the following accessories:


  • 1M Long Ultra-Durable USB Type C to C Fast Charging Cable

  • Quick Charge USB Type A to Type C Converter Adapter

  • Tangle-free woven nylon netting that withstands + 10,000 bends

  • Strong Canvas Zipper Pouch to Store LIGHTNING 10000 and its Accessories